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What We Do.

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.

Business Model Consultation

Business model is analogous to the framework of a building. It is the most vital part of a business, be it during start-up or after a business is developed. Business model can be re-designed especially during business transformation for a better adaptation to the latest market trends.
We at O2O Pro Management Sdn Bhd understand the market trends of different industries very well and this has given us the expertise to help our clients to design and develop the most suitable business models for their business.
Sustainability is often the ultimate goal to be achieved by many businesses. We are always ready to create innovations and through the channelling of the right approach, operations and technology, we help every business to achieve its ultimate goal.

O2O Pro Academy

We provide various types of training to corporates, organisations, societies and educational institutes. Training is essential for corporates and organisations to help building team spirit among their employees or to learn certain skills. We are experienced in giving leadership training and product training to corporates, self-development training to individuals, public talks of various topics and community service to educational institutes.
On top of that, we offer entrepreneurship courses for business owners or young people to assist them in business start-up and operation. We also provide digital marketing courses to individuals and corporates.

Publishing/ Writing

Need writers for your corporate writing? Or short of idea about online marketing write-up? We provide idea and solutions for your organisation. A business often involves advertising and marketing. The current trend is to run marketing in the online world and drive online potential customers to your brick-and-mortar shops.
Online marketing includes numerous strategies in written form, to name a few – articles write-up, social media posting and product descriptions. Words are insufficient, we need some designs to put together pictures and words for a more appealing visual effect in advertisements or catalogues. Design services available include the designing of logos, banners, websites, advertisements, catalogues, magazines and many more.

Production Services

We offer a wide range of production services and creative solutions for your need. Our team produces various video concepts for editorial and commercial client assignments, like behind the scenes footage, documentary-inspired videos or ready to broadcast commercials, social media campaigns, on-camera interviews, customized content and production. Concept development, production, post-production and editing services are among the services available at O2O Pro Management Sdn Bhd. We are committed to providing the highest quality of production services to our clients.

Event Services Consultation

Planning an event is tedious if you do it by yourself or if you have no experience at all in event planning, we are here for you. Working side by side with our event consultants, you’ll discover that planning an event is fun and easy. The services we offer include: venue sourcing, lighting, staging, creative direction and design. We ensure a complete planning process from the beginning to the end coupled with a commitment to your budget. Event planning will no longer be tedious with our presence.

IT Development

Starting up a new business and you need IT related services? At O2O Pro Management Sdn Bhd, we provide complete solutions to your special needs and to fulfill your organisation requirement, from in-house software development to mobile apps. We customize software for your business in a wide range of areas such as administrative and retail, to ensure smooth operation of your business.
Apart from software and mobile apps development, providing IT infrastructure for offices or buildings are also one of our expertise. This service is especially suitable for those who are moving into a new office/building. We offer consultation, implementation, maintenance and support for IT infrastructure to deliver operational excellence for your business.
Our expertise in IT development also involves website building. We build bespoke websites for our clients and all our designs are unique for each client to differentiate their business from other competitors. We are experienced in online marketing, social media tactics and Search Engine Optimisation for major search engines.